About Us

AllFresh Supply Management Pvt. Ltd. procures and supplies premium fresh fruits to its customers after selective and quality sourcing directly from farmers at their farms, and appropriate post harvest management activities designed to deliver fruit conforming to highest standards and customer requirements.

AllFresh was started in 2013 with a vision to provide the very best from Indian orchards to our customers. We specialize in post harvest operations and cold chain technology to bring the freshnesss of a farm plucked fruit right to your table.

We buy directly from farmers so that they get the maximum benefits of their produce. Our in-house R&D team guides farmers in producing world class products via inputs related to saplings, soil management, agronomy and extension services. The post harvest management activities undertaken by AllFresh includes checking quality parameters, ripeness, sorting, grading, waxing, packing, labelling, CA or cold storage and refrigerated transportation

AllFresh works with the aim of bringing world class post harvest management and marketing methods for horticulture produce in India. Starting with apples, AllFresh introduced extensive use of computerised grading and CA storage which revolutionized post-harvest operations in fruit orchards.

AllFresh extended its supply chain operations to citrus being the first to extend shelf life of Nagpur oranges by waxing them and controlling ethylene, both in transportion and cold storage. We have now extended our operations to mangoes, plums, peaches & pears in India. This has led to a phenomenal growth in the value realized by farmers for their produce, and enabled far flung markets to receive almost fresh quality fruits.

Today we work with nearly 5000 farmers across states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Our distribution operations are spread pan india with reach in over 30 cities.